Root Android without PC/Computer/Laptop [!00% Working]

At we always share with you something new and unique.This time it’s not different either.Here we are going to share with you technique on how to root android without pc computer.When it comes to choosing some of the best features for your Android devices, it is pretty obvious that you would love to enable some of the most interesting features that enable you to customize your devices fully and with that, you can also do whatever you want to in your Android devices.

But what exactly will you need to do in order to enable such permissions in your Android devices which will allow you to customize your devices? We will tell you, that process is called rooting. And if you also want to root your Android devices then we will tell you exactly how to root Android Marshmallow 6.0 without PC.

You can also our last post on how to download facetune for pc free.Or if you don’t mind installing apps form sources which are outside of google play then here you can check the aptoide for pc laptop which is individual platform apart from play store for android users.

As for many of you who would love to root your devices, we are here to provide you with suitable solutions and when you want to root Android 6.0 without PC, we have some working methods for you. So let’s go ahead with the process of how to root Android Marshmallow 6.0.Also check out how to get free netflix account for free with one click

How to root any android 6.0 marshmallow devices 2016

Please note:

  • Tablets and Android phones are almost same in functionality and so, these methods to root Android 6.0 will work for them too.
  • You won’t need a PC for these apps to work.
  • These apps are comparatively safer and faster.
  • You can install these apps just like you install other apps on your Android devices and root Android Marshmallow without PC.

how to root android without computer laptop

  1. Framaroot

This application is probably one of the best rooting app for your Android smartphones which usually enables root access to almost all Android versions that you use. And really, this app is one of the best rooting apps for Android.This application has many users and it roots your devices and runs exploits without any issues and roots your Android devices instantly. Moreover, you can easily get its APK file from Google.

  1. Using Universal Android Root

If by any case, you are really not able to root your Android devices by the previous app Framaroot, then we have another solution for you, known as Universal Android Root and if you just don’t want to run your devices into risks, then you can really go for this app to root your Android devices. Moreover, it is even simpler than Framaroot, without even consuming a lot of space in your Android devices.

  1. iRoot

If you are looking for an app to root your Android Marshmallow devices and that too with even using your Personal Computers for even a bit, then this application would be one of the best root apps to root Android Marshmallow 6.0 without PC. The best feature of this rooting app is that you don’t have to face any issues in terms of space for this application and if you really want a simple application to root Android Marshmallow device, then this one here is the best option for you in that case.

This app is a Chinese app but the different mods available across internet turn it into English language and you will find it comfortable to use them.


  1. Z4Root

If you again are in need of a simple and a greatly trustworthy method to one click root Android without PC, then this application would be the best alternative for you to try in order to root your Android devices running on Marshmallow 6.0.

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t let your device hard-brick and not only that but it has a great success rate on Samsung Galaxy S series and with that, you can also root major devices on your Android devices as Android Marshmallow.

Moreover the thing in this app is that you just need to run it like any other Android app in your devices and not only this but you even won’t need a personal computer for the purpose of rooting Android Marshmallow 6.0

  1. Towelroot

If you own any Android Marshmallow device and that too exclusively in HTC series, then it is really obvious that you may face hardships in rooting HTC devices as they have a bit difficult process. But if you are in need of a good and trustworthy process which has a great success rate in rooting your HTC or even some other devices, then this application namely Towel Rain is going to be the best alternative for you in this case.

You can get this app’s APK from Google or any search engine and the best thing about using an APK is that it doesn’t brick your Android Marshmallow devices in any case. This app works for many major Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and in any case before you root Android 6.0 and use this application, we recommend you to have a backup of your devices.

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