Best WordPress plugins for a Blogger

If you are a blogger, then we are sure that sure that you know the importance of plugins over your blog and if you really don’t know it, we would like to tell you that plugins are one of the main things in a WordPress blog and not only that but plugins can be considered as the backbone of a WordPress blog that you use and depend on.

When it comes to choosing the right plugin, there are really many plugins that you can use and just like that, you really don’t know which plugins to actually go for as all of them seem tempting to you and choosing all won’t be a good thing for you. So in this case, we recommend you using only a few plugins that you can use for your WordPress blog and we have some of the best WordPress plugins for you that you can choose and install for free (mostly) on your WordPress blog.Here you can also checkout onpage seo techniques for wordpress blogs.

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers



When it comes to SEO, there are many options for considering it, yet choosing the best is a big deal. So to tackle all the issues and choosing the best SEO plugin and services, we recommend you going for the YOAST SEO plugin. We know that you love people reading your blog and for that, you can go for YOAST SEO. Moreover, YoastSEO is one of the most user-friendly SEO plugin for your WordPress blog as with its traffic light system, you can create content that the search engines will love to deliver towards your blog.

  1. Google Analytics

Now all the bloggers out there, we know that you might be aware of the importance of the Google Analytics. The best part of this plug-in is that it actually let’s you read the traffic of your website and not only that but you can also see how many visitors you get over your blog, what is their behaviour towards your blog, where the traffic is coming from and what not. So it’s better that you install and run this plugin.

  1. Fancier Author Box

We know that you would love people reading your blog, but when it comes to the part of letting people get in touch with you and actually know you, we don’t want you to fall apart and so, you can differentiate yourself with the help of an author box and give all of your interests, your own bio, Everthing you want to share with your users and what not. So in this case, the Fancier Author Box would be the best option for you.

  1. Jetpack for WordPress

If you need full control of your blog with the full respective cases of setting up Everthing that you want and not only that but also with the pages and other plugins you install and if you want to manage them with full control, then go for Jetpack plugin as it easily let’s you customise your WordPress blog to a greater extent.

  1. Simple Share Buttons

Now comes the last part, the sharing part as you would love your users to share your blog over the different social networking sites that they use and if you want your users to do that too, then go for this plugin and you will love the rest.

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