Zbigz premium account username and password for free [2016]

in this post we are going to share with you some amazing zbigz premium account login and password for free.Zbigz is one of the best online leeching software service providers for torrent. Zbigz helps to download directly with the torrent files. Zbigz is the best tool for downloading torrent because of its unbelievable features.Zbigz allows you to create direct download links from torrents. There are two type of account one is free and another is paid. If you have a premium account, you can enjoy the service with faster speed.

premium zbigz account for free

You can download torrent files with Full speed and without any size limit. It gives maximum speed which your ISP is providing you and also high speed torrent caching without waiting.

You can download the files over 1GB or more with Premium Account of Zbigz and also you can download unlimited files once in a time. But in Free Zbigz account you can download the Torrent files over 1GB only and in a 1 week the files get delete from your Zbigz account.In Free Account you can download only up to 2 files at a time and you can store 2 files only.

Zbigz Premium account for free username password

Zbigz is a cloud based service which enable to access between enormous data storage and the user. It is the best way for downloading the torrent files with high speed. The downloaded files of Zbigz come as zip content. The advantage is that you can download zip files directly that is offered by the third party.

Zbigz bring the torrent links directly from the user and saves it in their own server. User can download any files or data from Zbigz with safety and secretly. It helps torrent to save the files safe and does not require any client to install in the PC

zbigz premium account free 2016

Free Zbigz account is less features and get delete in a 1 week from your Zbigz account. While download it gives less speed and it takes time to complete and less space to download up to 500MB.

Features of Zbigz free account:

  • By using premium account you can download torrent files with high speed with Zbigz account premium account.
  • You can download up to 500MB in Free Zbigz account, but with premium account you can download more than 1GB in maximum speed.
  • ISP provides you maximum speed.
  • Free Zbigz account got deleted the files in a 1 week from Zbigz account.
  • Free account gives less features and premium account gives unlimited features.

free zbigz premium account login

It is the most popular and used torrent leeching site. Zbigz Premium Account user can leech any file size and gives you the full speed of downloading. Zbigz premium Account gives you freedom to download any kinds of torrent with your favorite download manager.

Features of Zbigz Premium Account

  1. You can download any kinds of torrent files of any size with maximum speed.
  2. It gives you the facilities to live stream of Video or Music.
  3. Zbigz Premium Profile offers you to store unlimited numbers of files or data.
  4. While down loading any files, you can pause for downloading later and resume it whenever you wish to download.
  5. It gives full speed depending upon your Internet Service Provider.
  6. Zbigz gives you direct download from the third party with maximum speed of downloading.
  7. The storage period of files or data is unlimited.

Zbigz Premium Account is better as compare to Zbigz Free Account. In Premium Account you can download the files or data of unlimited size with maximum speed but in Free Account it allows you to access with limited size with minimum speed.

Now coming at the cost, in Zbigz Premium Account it cost around Rs 600 per month but in the case of Zbigz Free Account it is totally free of cost. You don’t need to pay even a single penny for Zbigz Free Account. But everyone prefers Zbigz Premium Account because of its unlimited size of downloading with unlimited speed not bothering about the cost.

So I just want to suggest you to go for Zbigz Premium Account since it gives you more speed, unlimited capacity of storing with good quality of speed.

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