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Uploaded Premium Account: Uploaded is a file storing site where you can store all your personal files and document. And also the Uploaded is one of the most popular sites in the Europe countries for storing files. This is actually a very important storage site for anyone to have it. And this site provides you large storage capacity where you can upload any files and data. Storing of file or your personal documents is very beneficial as you can download them back in your device whenever it is necessary. So in this case you are travelling and suddenly require important documents then immediately you can download and print the file instead of going back far home to collect the document file.

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But here in this article we are specially going to discuss about the Uploaded Premium Account. If you are a free user, then it is sure that you are going to get limited features like speed limit or download limit and storage space limit. But using the uploaded premium account will allow you to share and upload huge data for free.

Features of Uploaded Premium Account

The Uploaded Premium Account, Uploaded.Net has great features compare to the free account. The features are like-

  1. Wherever you store any file in Uploaded, you can also earn where they gives you PayPerDownload as you are sharing files there.
  2. Once uploaded in the Premium account, you can have the files for a longer span of time.
  3. You can store or download any uploaded files at a very high speed without any kind of interruption.
  4. Unlimited storage- There are huge storage space which you can load as many as possible in the Uploaded Premium account

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How to get a Uploaded Premium Account for free?

uploaded premium account free

Getting a Upload Premium Account is very easy, simply follow the below step and maintain.

And the Steps are-

  1. To use the Uploaded premium account, you first have to make a free registration in the uploaded.net. While registration you must provide the valid email Id and your name.
  2. Once registered you will receive an email in your prescribe Email id. Go to your email and confirm the registration
  3. After you have confirmed, you will be redirected to your personal free account. But they are provided with very limited features like 2GB storage space.
  4. So to unlock the ultimate feature, you must switch to premium account.

How to make payment for Uploaded Premium Account to get it for free

Payment for the premium account is very important and the price is starting from 4.99 € (5.99 USD) that gives you usage validity for 48 hours to the maximum of 99.99 € (110.99 USD) with the usage validity of 2 years.

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Steps to pay for premium account are-

  1. After you have switch to the premium account, you still cannot use it until you make the payment for the premium account
  2. In the payment section you will get a list of purchase option and also the coupon redeem option. If you have a valid coupon then you can use it to get some discount over your purchase
  3. While now you proceed the payment by clicking on purchase, from among the following list
  4. Finally make the payment with the help of either your credit card or also the additional mode of payment using SmS pay or Bitcoin
  5. So after the payment is complete, you will receive a final email confirming the purchase and thus it is how you get the new uploaded premium account.

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So these are the important information for you to switch the free uploaded account to the premium uploaded account. Using the premium account you will have lots of options from which you can get mass storage space for uploads. And more importantly, you are getting a secured stage where you can store your files and later you can download them back whenever necessary.


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