Here we are going to explore the world of free responsive genesis child themes by framework.The world is already filled with bloggers and the persons interested and if you too are a blogger, then it is pretty sure that you may want your blog to look as good as possible. And just for this purpose, you know that your blog will be needing some of the best themes in order to make it look more attractive and better, including a good user experience which mostly comes from themes of the blog in our case genesis theme wordpress free.

A good theme in a blog also make it SEO friendly and the user experience is literally awesome.if you too want the same for the blog which you are running, then you will need a good theme.Now for many of you for real, you might be aware of the premium Genesis Child themes for blog as they are considered to be one of the best themes for WordPress and you can ask any blogger about that, as it is the most SEO friendly theme that you can use on your website.

Best genesis child themes

Best Genesis Child Themes 2017 Updated

Now there are many child themes available to you for this purpose and if you still want to go for a better one but you really aren’t able to choose any good theme for your blog, then we have the list of top genesis child themes to use on your blog and enjoy quality user experience along with good SEO rankings.

So let us go on and tell you some of the best Genesis Child themes for WordPress that you can download right away and switch to on your blog for a quality experience and great blogging results.

Foodie pro theme is these best free genesis child theme of 2017.For all the people out there who are food enthusiasts and run a food blog, this one here is the best genesis child theme made available to you which is also available to download for free and actually is considered to be one of the best themes available. This theme has been a darling of almost all the food bloggers and it is quite responsive, sleek, full of widgets and you can customize it in any way. All you would need to do is to just put it on, customize it and you are all set. You will actually love how this theme has sections designated for all the things and widgets you want to add.


If you are in need of such a WordPress theme which is not only simple but also has a great material design along with all the required features added and a great interface, then here is the free genesis child themes for you as it has a great user experience and if you are an SEO hunter, then this theme actually won’t let you down in any case. It has an awesome header where you can feature any of your favorite image along with some great customizations that you can do in order to make it look more cool than before.I can say this is by far the best premium genesis child themes.

News Pro is best genesis child themes for blog.If you have a blog that mainly focuses on all the latest news which happens around the globe, then this theme is the most ideal option for you to choose from as it not only provides you with quality customization but it also can be dedicated to reading purposes which will ensure that you deliver all of your news in style and make it presentable towards your users. Talking about the effects and the widgets in this theme, you will be able to make it exactly as you want as per your wish along with multimedia integration, custom header, custom backgrounds, custom menus, multiple setting up of your layout and what not. So in any case, you should go for it.


If you own any of the personal blog which falls under any category and any niche or talking in nutshell, if you work on any niche, this theme can be used on any one of them. You may actually think that what is so special about this but let us tell you that it is one of the best genesis themes that provides you with manual customizations to your blog and features a multimedia integration, custom header, custom backgrounds, custom menus, multiple setting up of your layout and more which you will love to know. The best thing about this theme is that it is compatible on mobiles too which will be quite beneficial for your blog as it grows the amount of traffic on your blog along with good rankings which you have always wanted.


If we were to sum up all the qualities from our previous 4 themes which we mentioned, then it would form a new theme in the form of ‘Magazine Pro’. If you want a colorful theme which is both SEO friendly as well as ensures good readership, then this theme is golden for you as it has separate sections for each of the widgets you want to add in your blog.

It will be having a designated subscribe button for you to actually get more viewers and subscribers and not only this but you will also be able to view and use this theme on mobile devices. So if you are looking for the free genesis child themes 2017 in our list with all the good features and want a quality blog which in fact, will be getting you some decent amount of revenue, then go for this theme as you and your readers will love this theme.

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